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About us | MedHealthWork

About us

The world’s largest platform for freelance scientists, health professional, public health practitioners, and researchers.

MedHealthWork connects you to an exclusive network of top scientists and researchers from all over the world. Post your project, browse experts, and get your job done quickly and easily.

Connecting businesses with scientists

MedHealthWork, founded in 2019, helps organizations hire freelance scientists and researchers from across the globe. We offer a secure space where clients can find, hire and pay experts easily.

Our global pool of experts have helped businesses develop new products, researchers get their papers published, and nonprofits take data-driven decisions. With experts in over 2,000+ subjects, we offer services ranging from data analysis to medical writing.

Our aim is to provide an ecosystem that facilitates knowledge exchange between businesses and scientists, allowing them to collaborate and thrive. We strongly believe that democratizing science will pave the way for better research and innovation.


To make scientific expertise accessible, affordable and available to all


To be the world’s go-to platform for accessing scientific expertise, on demand